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This Swimline Solstice Fiji 35096 stand-up paddleboard (SUP) was designed with women and children in mind. It's smaller design supports up to 175 pounds while not sacrificing and quickness or agility that is necessary while navigating the open waters. It features that strength and durability that are necessary for all conditions. With the included pump and carrying bag, this is the ultimate paddleboard for those constantly on the go. Included is the Solstice 35005 adjustable aluminum SUP paddle! The Solstice 35005 carbon fiber 3-piece adjustable SUP paddle is a perfect combination of strength and comfort. The carbon fiber construction is second to none in durability, while the ergonomic -inch T-inch handle makes the paddle comfortable and easy to use. Works great with the Bali 35128 stand-up paddleboard by Solstice, or as a replacement paddle for any board. We are an authorized Swimline dealer! New Solstice Fiji 35096 inflatable stand-up paddleboard High-pressure inflatable paddleboard Specifically designed for women and children Drop stitched, high pressure core is rigid and strong Multi layer construction reduces flex Large EVA non slip traction top for grip and comfort Tri-Fin design for performance and tracking Sleek, lightweight, and fast Includes stainless tie-downs for securing gear Durable 1000 deniers 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric material Kit Includes: Carry bag, High pressure pump, and gauge Weight Limit: 175 pounds Inflated dimensions: 96-inch x 30-inch x 6-inch Part Number: 35096 New Solstice 3-Piece Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle Adjust in height from 65-inch to 84-inch Weight: 2.5 pounds Easily adjustable compression system paddle Carbon fiber construction Ergonomic -inch T-inch handle Comfort grip Composite blade Part Number: 35005 Product Condition: Brand New 1 year manufacturer warranty

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