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Descripción de Airhead SUP SS Super Stable Inflatable Paddleboard + Paddle ... – Comprar Desde USA

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SS stands for “Super Stable inch , and that’s just what this very special inflatable SUP is. Beginners, intermediates and larger riders love the SS’s unparalleled stability. Great for fishing, yoga & more! Experts, especially extreme whitewater paddlers, appreciate the stiffness, lower standing area, tapered rails and aggressive nose for punching through waves. SS remains stable even when way up on edge. This inflatable SUP has three fins, with removable center fin, ensure straight tracking. Dimensions inflated: 10’ 8 inch x 38 inch x 6 inch . A mesh backpack, high pressure hand pump, pressure gauge, valve wrench and repair kit are included. If you are looking for recommended inflatable paddle boards the SS is a great one to choose! For maximum performance inflate main chamber to 13-15 PSI and side chambers to 7-9 PSI. INCLUDED: Every paddle boarder needs great paddle board paddles. If you are a rider who loves having a lightweight paddle or if you are looking to get a paddle that is lighter, the Airhead Fiberglass SUP Paddle is an ideal option for you! This is a “one-size-fits-all inch paddle with an adjustable length to suit your body and paddle needs. The shaft is 100% fiberglass, giving the paddle the lightweight feel. The fiberglass is also found in the blade, reinforcing the ABS “duck foot inch blade. If you are in need of a new paddle board paddle, we have several SUP paddles for you to choose from, but the Airhead Fiberglass SUP Paddle is one you should definitely consider in your search! - New Airhead SUP SS Super Stable Paddleboard - Tapered rails and aggressive nose - Extra rugged drop stitch construction - Rigid with the performance of a fiberglass board - Anti-skid EVA pad provides secure footing - 4 D-rings to strap your gear to up front - Three fins, with removable center fin - Backpack with mesh panels for carrying the SUP and all accessories - High pressure hand pump, anemometer, and valve wrench - Carrying handles - SUP Paddle (AHSUP-P1) INCLUDED! - Dimensions: 10’8 inch x 38 inch x 6 inch - Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs. - Part Number: AHSUP-2 - Product Condition: Brand New - 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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