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Descripción de Tech Deck Ryan Sheckler Big Ramp – Comprar Desde USA

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  • Bring the skatepark inside
  • Test your skills with the included board, complete with metal trucks,grip tape and real skateboard company graphics
  • Oh and give your self a pat on the back-a portion of the proceeds will go to the Tony Hawk Foundation to help build skateparks around the country
  • Collect the Deck
  • 1 Big Ramp with large Sheckler obstacle plus 1 x 96mm board

Descripción Ampliada
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Number six in the Ryan Sheckler skate park series, the Tech Deck Sheckler Park Ramp is a rad skate park for your kick-flipping fingers. Skaters aged 9 years and up will love assembling this easy-to-use set of eight pieces, including five ramps that can be attached side to side, back to back, or configured into half-pipes. With the accompanying finger skateboard you'll coast, ollie, and grind on this miniature set modeled after professional skater Ryan Sheckler's private park.

Tech Deck Logo
Sheckler Park Ramp

Ages: 9 years and up

What We Think

Fun factor: 4 starts
Durability: 5 starts
Ease of assembly: 5 starts
Educational factor: 3 starts
Novelty factor: 5 starts

The Good: Easy to assemble with realistic finger skateboard

The Challenging: Need to purchase each set in the series for more skating options

In a Nutshell: A fantastic finger skate park for young skaters and fans of Ryan Sheckler
Tech Deck callout
Tech Deck Sheckler Park Ramp 1
Tech Deck Sheckler Park Ramp 2
Tech Deck Sheckler Park Ramp 3
Create your own personal skate park with Tech Deck's modular pieces.
Build Your Own Skate Park with Detailed, Modular Pieces
This Tech Deck Sheckler Park comes with eight plastic modular pieces: five ramps, a bench, a short wall, and a concrete step. The set replicates Ryan Sheckler's personal skate park, so you can configure your space after his or come up with your own arrangement. You'll love the realistic details, like the "locals only" graffiti on the bench and the doorway within the large ramp. The finger skateboard boasts lifelike features, from the silver-toned trucks and graphics, to the slick deck bottom and grip-taped board, which gives your fingers plenty of traction. With six sets in this Tech Deck series, you'll want to collect them all to create the skate park of your dreams.

Easy to Assemble and Fun to Master
The ramps come together with fitted plastic pegs that easily lock pieces into place. The brick wall and concrete step have small rubber pads underneath that prevent them from slipping out of place as you skate over them.

Otherwise, this little park boasts smooth ramps, edges, and coping that facilitates lip tricks, slides, and grinds. Hop on the board with two fingers and you're ready to ride the ramps. Visit the Tech Deck Web site to see videos with helpful tips and unbelievable tricks that you can master in this skate park.

About Ryan Sheckler and his San Clemente Warehouse
Professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler turned pro in 2003, at the age of 13, making him the youngest on the circuit. Since then this skating powerhouse from San Clemente, California, has won numerous titles, traveled the globe, starred in his own MTV reality show, and established the Sheckler Foundation, a charity that aids the health of athletes.

This Tech Deck Sheckler Park Ramp is modeled after the custom indoor skate park created for Sheckler and his friends in 2008. The 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art warehouse features two stories and elements from some of the best parks and street skate spots in the country.

What's in the Box
Eight modular pieces, eight pegs, and one finger skateboard.

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